Rhino Ligature Oval (NP-LG)

$195.99 Tax

New Version. New Version. This new Rhino Ligature Oval have now 15 different sound options. It’s a solid monolithic brass ring with only two points of contact in the mouthpiece (upper part and the cane), is easy to use and once properly adjusted the cane will be secure when you need to move your mouthpiece.



New Version.
Rhino Ligature "Oval".

 Nickel Plate
 Multifunctional
 Two sound option with adjustable settings only with a simple rotation
 15 different sounds from dark to bright
 Extended screw that allows its’ use in almost all type of Saxophone mouthpiece
 Increases resonance
 More sound projection
 Rapid response in all notes
 More dynamic range
 High quality materials
 The design is a solid special brass ring that has no welded parts
 High performance for many years
 Guarantee

You don’t need to spend more money buying various ligatures to achieve the sound that you want or because your accessory is losing its’ performance quality. With the Rhino Ligature you will be having all you are looking for in only one ligature that is long lasting.