Rhino Ligature “Oval 1st Edition”

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Clearance model! The Rhino Ligature Oval 1st Ed.  It is created with a special alienation of raw brass material and allows the maximum vibration of the cane. This freedom of vibration will help you produce a volume higher through all the registration of the instrument. You will experience a flexibility like never before in your mouthpiece. Significantly increases its projection, even with the use of mouthpieces with which it may have had problems in the past.

  • Includes :
  • 1 Variety pack (RLVTYPK-Repl.) O-Rings and Tubing Replacement 1 set ea:
  • 1 set tubing clear
  • 1 set tubing yellow
  • 1 set tubing black
  • 1 set O-Rings white
  • 1 set O-Ring black
  • 1 set O-Ring red
  • 1 set O-Ring brown
  • 1 Rhino Universal Cap. (RLO-UNV-CP)
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